May the feeling of guilt be with you


I have half a day off work because my daughter (read: dog) has an eye infection, and I have to take her to her optometrist (read: vet) appointment in a while. I am, of course, using this half day of freedom to stew.

The feeling of guilt is strong with this one, Darth Vader.

Earlier today, one of my students reminded me (again) of how unsympathetic and totally-not-understanding I am because I keep telling him that I can’t answer his scads of questions all during class time. There are other students who need help, and there are other lessons to be covered. He needs to come to tutorials. He thinks this is ridiculous.

Later in the same morning, I had to fill out progress reports for students who failed last year’s standardized math test. The only problem is that the majority of these students aren’t progressing because I’m hustling more for their grades than they are.

I feel guilty that I can’t reach all the students, and I can’t rah-rah cheer them on to straight As. I know it’s silly, but I’ve just read too much on the internet saying that if my students fail, I fail.

So I took to the internet for some comfort.

And I found a series of posts from Edutopia regarding the role different groups play in a student’s success. I thought you’d find it interesting:

If you didn’t read all this, it’s mostly saying that everyone has their own responsibility and role in student success. I’m definitely covering my bases, but I still feel guilty when I can’t be a parent to the kids whose parents aren’t doing their job, or when I can’t take over for the student who won’t take care of his own business.

That’s where I’m at today.


2 thoughts on “May the feeling of guilt be with you

  1. Everyone has those days. I had to take a couple days off last week because not only am I hustling more than my kids, but I’m being told to not fail them even if they don’t do the work… It was not a great time in Lizland. Hang in there, because then you’ll have days, like I did today, where the kids will finally get it, and be excited when it makes sense. You’re doing a great job, girl, hang in there! (BTW I absolutely LOVE the Star Wars thing you’ve got going on today!)

  2. Standardized tests have become a burden for teachers and a way for students and parents to blame us for their failures or lack of effort. It’s takes a village and that child has to want it in order for the chips to fall in the right place. Great read!!!

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