Phases of the first year of teaching



Earlier this week I was scouring the internet, as I often do, for signs that I’m doing something right, or doing something wrong, or doing something that should be changed, or just whatever! Just looking for some feedback about how I’m doing as a teacher.

I found this image (above) in a quick Google search. It goes along with this article about the different phases teachers go through in their first year of teaching.

The gist of the article is that teachers start out all happy to be teaching, but as the year goes on, they sink down into a bit of depression. They start questioning whether they are good teachers and whether they ever should have gone into this career in the first place.

Sounds familiar.

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My first post

Female math teacher clip artI dropped my laptop on my toe when I was dragging it (the computer, not the toe) out of the closet to start this blog. I hope it’s not an omen.

If you read the “about me” page (but let’s face it, you probably didn’t, because blog readers are reckless creatures who like to read, and live, on the edge), then you know I’m halfway through my first year of teaching. I teach grade-level Algebra I and geometry at a pretty nice high school in a pretty big city.

In terms of demographics, the student population at my school is about 70% affluent (mostly white), and 30% in poverty (mostly African American and Hispanic). I teach the 30%.

I like “my kids” a lot, but the year has been rough. Most evenings have seen me at home, stressing out about how my students are failing and scouring the internet for any hint of what I might be doing wrong or whether this all is normal.

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