A detailed, workable, effective classroom management plan


This video about sums up the effectiveness of a parent phone call with my students. In case you can’t understand what the people are saying:

(In elementary school)
Teacher: I’m calling your parents.
Student: No! Pleeeeeeaaasssseee!

(In high school)
Teacher: I’m calling your parents.
Student: Home, cell, work – with extension!

Students aren’t phased anymore by the threat (or follow-through) of calling their parents. That’s why I’ve found that relying on the phone call home as a key part of a classroom management plan is a bad idea.

I’ve also noticed that a quick websearch for a workable classroom management plan turns up many results saying that a teacher should have one, but few results that actually detail what a good plan is. I’m going to give you the plan that I’ve spent six months developing. It works.

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